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Blair's Lifetime Experience


With my passion growing, I earned my Masters degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in strength and conditioning along with Nutrition. With this, I completed my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist cert with the NSCA and my Level 1 coach certification with USA Weightlifting. 


Along with my lab manager role, I began teaching exercise physiology and resistance training classes at ASU. I also had the opportunity at Grand Canyon University to teach Ex phys, resistance/cardio training, human anatomy, and Nutritional classes.


My time at ASU and GCU allowed me to work with some of the top experts in athletics and the science of exercise. Some of these experts even had me as their trainer. I also have worked with Phoenix Rising along with ASU’s hockey team to enhance their training and performance.


Through all of my time at university, I never lost my passion for helping others with their fitness goals and sharing my knowledge of exercise to enhance their understanding of not only how to train, but also why certain training works and what is actually effective and efficient. After all my experience and education, I found that keeping training simple is still the best way to obtain your fitness goals. This is the foundation behind Your*Fitness, keeping it simple. Simple workouts, simple exercises. This is the way.

As the founder of Your*Fitness, I spent over 25 years developing my skills and knowledge in all facets of fitness training.  I started my passion throwing weight around in Cardinal high school ‘s tiny gym as a teenager. From there, I spent 6 years in the Army going from a grunt running mile after mile, to a Sergeant leading focused physical training sessions for companies of over 100 soldiers.


After my service, I moved to Arizona where I became a NSCA-CPT certified Personal Trainer. Starting first at a corporate gym, then moving to a private studio. This is where I began to work with a more diverse population, from your average Joe trying to lose a couple pounds to fitness models working on their photo presence.


As my interest in fitness grew, I enrolled in Arizona State University where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Along with my degree, I had hundreds of hours interning with physical therapists, where I also learned the benefits of stretch therapy. At ASU, I also received an opportunity to become the lab manager for the exercise science and kinesiology department. Here, I worked with students in the hands on portion of their degree.  


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