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A NEW approach to the gym experience

At Your Fitness,

you reserve a private station, that's yours for the session.


Each station has everything you need for a complete full-body workout.


No more waiting for equipment!

There are 4 complete stations total, so it never gets crowded.





Each station has time slots, generally one hour each slot.

Become a member by clicking HERE, or visit our SERVICES page.

Download the GYMMASTER app on your smartphone. Log on with the email you used for your membership.

From the app, you can see what stations are available at what time.  Then, you pick a station that is available at the time you want.

Access to the gym will only be allotted to those with scheduled time slots. You book your workout time, show up (up to 15 minutes early), get your workout in, and get on with your life - no time wasted.

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Each station has a platform suited for all your exercises including Olympic and power lifts.

Each platform has a rack for your entire squat and bench needs.

All stations have a full compliment of free weights and bars.

Each station is also set up with a place to do all your body weight workouts (pull-ups, pushups, and core work).

We have other specialized equipment available to you for your session as well - including a couple nice toys handpicked by the owner for their efficiency and effectiveness, as well cardio equipment for a good warm up.

You will also have Blair, one of the best, educated, certified, and experienced trainers available to help you with everything fitness from your form to full workout plans (his bio is up on the site as well, feel free to view how he obtained his expertise)

Full 1-on-1 personal training sessions will be available for you to book to give you the complete package of everything you need to achieve all of your fitness goals!

Welcome to,

Your Fitness

Training, Simplified

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